Friday, October 19, 2018

Avoid JIRA

I filed this issue with Atlassian about JIRA:

You make it incredibly difficult to report issues about JIRA itself:

 * I cannot use Markdown in the editor.  You are the only tool I use which does
   not support markdown.  This is one of the top reasons I recommend against
   using JIRA to clients  Ex: quoting code with single backticks, or code blocks
   with tripple backticks
 * Finding the issue tracker for JIRA is a PITA.  Even after finding it, when
   creating a new issue, it offers a dialog/link that takes me back to the
 * The web pages for a team project does not have any easy way to report JIRA
   issues to Atlassian
 * How do I find out the version of JIRA software in use when I report problems?
 * Reporting to you, you _require__ a component, and severity.  Which component
   should I pick?  I don't know how your product is architected, so I guessed
   at one.  And "affected version"?  Heck if I know.  Really, you can't
   provide a link on a cloud JIRA board which fills this in automatically?
 * In a dropdown for picking what Atlassian product to report against, the text
   describing them is cut off.  So when it says "XXX (includi)" I have no idea
   what it is including

Only .. I didn't. Their publicly accessible issue tracker does not let me file issues.