Friday, August 01, 2003

My resume

Looking for a programmer in Austin or Houston? My overview says:

Senior programmer and Unix/Linux expert in all areas, including development, administration, configuration and kernel programming. Strong Windows development experience, and exposure to other operating systems. Knowledgeable in most networking areas with strong design background in systems, protocols, libraries and applications. Designed and implemented various client-server and N-tier architectures.

Successful record leading design and programming teams of various sizes, and bringing long-range projects to completion on-time and under-budget. Frequently found ways to save my company money by recommending existing solutions over in-house redevelopment. Designed and built reliable software where failure was not an option.

Seeking a principal-level programming, architecture, systems design or software management position in the software industry with a focus on Java, C/C++, SQL, Unix/Linux or other advanced systems and networking technologies. Thrive on variety, difficulty, tight deadlines and jobs no one else wants or can get done.

I also blog. :-)

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