Sunday, September 07, 2003

Two great sites

Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks where I am interviewing tomorrow (my first chance to see Chicago!), has two great sites: Martin Fowler's Bliki, an interesting cross between a blog and a wiki, and Refactoring Home Page, a site devoted to refactoring (just consider this small example, seemingly trivial but subtle and insightful, like a good koan). I stumbled across them while looking up UML information. Presently I'm going through Gang of Four to refresh myself and wanted more information on the diagram styles used in the book.

I've also noticed that the way I read texts has changed because of the Internet. Growing up and in college, I'd read text straight through in a linear fashion. Now I find myself treating them like web pages and jumping around to follow my train of thought rather than the author's. And I have no compunction against setting down the text and switching to another one that continues the thread of my thinking. The World Wide Web is truly a new, marvelous thing.

About my interview tomorrow: Wish me a good day!

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