Monday, February 09, 2004

The right way to sell software

<1060> Research sells software the right way: open-source if you are open-source, commercial if you are commercial, fixed-rate schedules. Beautiful! It feeds the open-source world and encourages novel uses, it feeds the developers and keeps the revenues coming, it removes the risk of negotiating the wrong price. I wish more companies understood all of this. I quote from the products page:


NetKernel may be used at no charge under an obligatory open source model, see license - this license requires that all applications developed and executed on 1060 NetKernel be released as open-source. We offer commercial licenses that permit the use of closed source applications. Commercial licenses start from 450 UKP.

Please contact for commercial licensing terms.

1060 NetKernel embeddable REST microkernel

The 1060 NetKernel microkernel is suitable as an embeddable Internet server. We are happy to offer embedded licensing terms and to customize bespoke system configurations for embedded systems.

Please contact to discuss your requirements.


We offer a flexible selection of support options which range from one-off packages ideal for installation/getting-started assistance through to multiple incident packages suitable for production applications.

All support tiers include a dedicated support email address direct to the 1060 NetKernel development team and dedicated support telephone number. For ongoing support incidents we can provide direct email-to-SMS to a support contact.

TierPriority UnitsSupport HoursPrice
Install11350 UKP
Bronze24950 UKP
Silver4162950 UKP
Gold8404950 UKP

Support usage is calculated from a combination of Priority Units and Support Hours as follows

  • A Priority Unit is a single support incident requiring a guaranteed 48hr response. The response will give an analysis of the issue and all reasonable efforts to provide a fix. Time taken solving the issue will be debited from the support hours credits.
  • Any number of non-urgent support requests may be raised. A first response is guaranteed within 5 working days and demand permitting we endeavour to provide a more rapid turnaround. The time required to handle a support request will be debited from the support time allocation. Support hours may be used in any way you wish,for example you could ask our developers a specific question, get assistance architecting solutions, have our developers debug your code or even ask a developer to produce custom code. For larger projects or custom solutions you may prefer to contract with our professional services team.
  • Code developed as part of a support package will be open-sourced. To have our developers work on closed source you may require a commercial 1060 NetKernel license.
  • Telephone support may be directed to voicemail during non-office hours. Voicemail is checked at regular intervals.

Please contact to purchase support packages.

For Jetty specific support please contact our friends at Mortbay.

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