Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Maven and test cases

I have a problem with maven I am hoping someone knows the best solution to. As is typical with Java projects using maven, I have separate src/java and src/test trees and they compiles to build/classes and build/test-classes, respectively. When I build a distribution jar, maven zips up build/classes into the jar (along with LICENSE.txt and any resources). This much I know and appreciate.

However, my project uses JUnit for testing, so I have *Test classes, one for each class under test. And my project provides *TestCase base classes for other test classes to extend. The test case classes add functionality to junit.framework.TestCase. These live under the src/test tree since they are only used for testing, and they are dependent on junit-3.8.1.jar. Of course, they compile to build/test-classes.

But since the dist goal only packages up build/classes, the test case classes do not become part of my distribution jar. And I want to package them for distribition. Oops.

For now, I've moved the test case classes from src/test to src/java so that maven will bundle them in the distribution jar, but I feel awkward doing that.

Is there some way to teach maven to pull src/test/**/* classes from build/test-classes into the distribution jar, but no other test classes?

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