Monday, January 31, 2005

Sun to license IntelliJ IDEA?

Well, this sure is an interesting TODO list for JDK 6 ("Mustang") -- from the much larger list:

Application Stack
* Buy or cross license a set of commercial applications that provide complete coverage of development needs. (Think MSDN license)
* Tools like JAR to EXE converter, Install Anywhere, IntelliJ IDEA, Atlassian JIRA, JGoodies, database swing controls, etc, should all be included in said Java Developer Network License. Components not necessarily developed by SUN should be included in this developer license sold per seat. (My company buys 1 MSDN license per developer with no known such license in the Java world).
* SwixML / XML Layout mechanism included in an application stack (discussed later)
* Java Help to be included in an application stack (discussed later)
* Critiqued by the community and versions feature frozen with bugfixes and updated regularly to include additional features.

According to Peter Kessler at Sun, this list catches a lot of what Sun is thinking of adding to Mustang (JDK 1.6) or Dolphin (JDK ?).

Cool beans!

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