Sunday, March 05, 2006

Using JNLP for a J2EE application client

In Moving the view away from the controller I talk about general ideas for separating the typical cohosting of a J2EE application (the service layer and below) from the view (JSPs, etc.).

Sun's own way of handling this is to make the client intimately familiar with the application beans. But this is the opposite of the direction I want to go in. Instead, I want to have the controller reside at the server, and the veiw in the client without any knowlege of beans and such.

Of course, this is the same as having any of a REST, SOAP, RPC or similar architectures, or all of them.

Presently, I am evaluating JBoss serialization v. REST-RPC to see how they compare for performance, reasonableness and ease of development, but am open to other suggestions.

My goal is to construct a demo client and server application with JNLP Swing at one end and standard J2EE servlets at the other. Fortunately for me, Sun gets me started and there are good examples by others.

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