Monday, June 12, 2006

ViM 7

In another salvo in the endless vi v. Emacs war, the ViM folks released ViM 7.0.

The announcement is about a month old. Why the delay for me mentioning it? Cygwin just updated their 6.4 to 7.0 over the weekend. Too bad the update removed vi from /usr/bin. Oops.

UPDATE: I found one source of my Cygwin trouble. For whatever reason, the ViM 7.0 installation put vim.exe and friends into C:\cygwin\usr\bin instead of /usr/bin. As my default Cygwin installation mounts C:\cygwin\bin as /usr/bin, that means the mount hides the files in the underlying Windows directory:

C:\cygwin\bin -> /usr/bin
C:\cygwin\usr\bin -> hidden underneath

A quick unmount, switch to CMD.EXE, files moved to the right Windows directory, and remount: I can now run vim.

One remaining problem: whither the vi command?

UPDATE: Run the Cygwin installer/updater one more time. There is a patch up for the new ViM 7 package which fixes the missing /usr/bin/vi problem and the overall install issues.

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