Friday, August 11, 2006

Read-only enhanced for loops in Java

I was just commenting on Paul Holser's blog about this small idiom using the Java enhanced for loop:

for (final T t : unmodifiable(collection)) {

The plumbing is simple:

public static <T> Iterable<T> unmodifiable(
        final Collection<T> c) {
    return new Iterable<T>() {
        public Iterator<T> iterator() {
            // Presuming a static decorator method
            // akin to Collections.unmodifiableCollection()
            return unmodifiableIterator(c.iterator());

Naturally, I wish Sun would add something like this to java.util.Collections, but I am sure they get many, many requests for JDK additions. Adding in a cleaned up Jakarta Collections library would help.

Another example of this sort of thing is a filterable iterator:

for (final T t : filter(collection, filter) {
    // Only works on collection elements
    // accepted by the filter.

Anyway, Paul has a lot of interesting ideas in store for Jaggregate 3.0.

UPDATE: An anonymous commenter made the observation that an immutable Iterable is useless in an enhanced for loop. D'oh! I should not have overlooked that point when I used the enhanced for loop in my examples. However, the read-only property is still useful when you call iterator().

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