Friday, June 08, 2007

The all-dancing, all-singing LockSmith plugin for IntelliJ

I've never been willing to pay for IntelliJ plugins, but LockSmith from the very clever Sixth & Red River may change my mind.

This is a list of features which made me look twice:

  • Split Lock
  • Merge Locks
  • Make Class Thread-Safe
  • Convert Field to Atomic
  • Convert Field to ThreadLocal
  • Lock Call-Sites of Method
  • Convert Simple Lock to Read-Write Lock
  • Convert Read-Write Lock to Simple Lock
  • Convert Synchronization Field to Lock
  • Split Critical Section
  • Shrink Critical Section
  • Merge Critical Sections

Fortunately, I work for an excellent employer, and may be able to wrangle a group bulk license for my team for LockSmith and other wonderful plugins.

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