Saturday, July 03, 2010

JB Rainsberge's 10 things

Courtesy of Naresh Jain comes J B Rainsberge's list of 10 things to stop doing or he will bury you alive in a box (about 1hr30m of video), a really delightful presentation on agile.

For the impatient, the list (which is only about half the presentation):

  1. Stop writing comments that describe what the code does
  2. Stop working in code bases with compile errors
  3. Stop insisting that writing the tests after is just as good as writing the tests before
  4. Stop insisting that evolutionary design leads to poor architecture
  5. Stop writing tests for "coverage"
  6. Stop arguing about whether a story is done
  7. Stop trying to increase your velocity
  8. Stop breaking up working teams
  9. Stop acting as though agile is "what the project teams do"
  10. Stop telling your people to "go agile" on their own

Go watch the whole thing, and please, Stop It.

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