Monday, November 08, 2010

Great management example: origins of Java

I found a real gem in this e-mail exchange featuring Patrick Naughton. This part jumped out at me (written by Sean Luke):

As I remember my Java history Patrick Naughton the gentleman who got the ball rolling was about to quit Sun and join up with NeXT. He happened to be on the same intermural hockey team as Scott McNealy. Scott told him to hold off, write what he thought was wrong with Sun before he left. Patrick didn't leave and was one of the original Oak people.

This is amazing! McNealy was the right kind of manager. Naughton discussed his interests in leaving Sun with McNealy, McNealy asked for feedback and helped Naughton start a new project.

The Internet is filled with tales of the other kind of boss.

Also, I should join my boss' team.

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