Saturday, May 07, 2011

Why Carnegie-Mellon is one of the best undergraduate computer science educations in the world today

I usually link to individual blog posts that catch my imagination — this blog was started as a way for me to recall and find such posts again. Today is an exception.

Robert Harper is a professor in Computer Science at Carnegie-Mellon. His blog, Of Course ML Has Monads! « Existential Type, chronicles his freshman introductory course in functional programming among other topics. Lately I have been looking into Haskell as an alternative to Java at work for some kinds of projects. Harper's posts on ML is opening my horizons further.

The main problem with Haskell or ML is the lack of a good JVM port. Clojure is the next best thing, they all being moral equivalents of LISP even if quite different on the surface.

Back to point. Though the blog is young, I have enjoyed each of Harper's posts and hope he continues. And I with each post I learned something. He is a good teacher outside the classroom. Alas, I was a music major.

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