Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Skipping TDD

Uncle Bob, as usual, is a pleasure to read, to wit, The Pragmatics of TDD. Highlights:

  • I don't write tests for getters and setters. Doing so is usually foolish. Those getters and setters will be indirectly tested by the tests of the other methods; so there's no point in testing them directly.
  • I don't write tests for member variables. They too will be tested indirectly.
  • I don't write tests for one line functions or functions that are obviously trivial. Again, they'll be tested indirectly.
  • I don't write tests for GUIs. GUIs require fiddling. You have to nudge them into place by changing a font size here, an RGB value there, an XY position here, a field width there. Doing that test-first is silly and wasteful.
  • In general I don't write tests for any code that I have to "fiddle" into place by trial and error. But I separate that "fiddling" code from code that I am surer of and can write tests for.
  • A few months ago I wrote an entire 100 line program without any tests. (GASP!)
  • I usually don't write tests for frameworks, databases, web-servers, or other third-party software that is supposed to work. I mock these things out, and test my code, not theirs.
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