Friday, August 30, 2013

Rebooting Jigsaw redux

Alex Blewitt has interesting observations on the next reboot of Jigsaw, the project to modularize the JDK, in Jigsaw, Second Cut. Amusing bit:

There has been a module system available for Java from the early days, known as JSR 8 and more recently as OSGi and JSR 291, that is used by all major Java EE application servers, and many other systems and applications in wide use today (JIRA, Eclipse) as well as specific vertical markets (embedded systems, home automation). Jigsaw follows in the footsteps of design successes such as java.util.Date, Java IO NIO NIO2 NIO2.2 and the java.logging package, and aims to ignore best practices to developer an inferior system for use by the JDK itself.

Ultimately he hopes for OSGi-lite.

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