Friday, February 07, 2014


I've released ServiceBinder 0.2 to Maven Central (details below; soon to be 0.3 with more documentation). I wrote this to fix a common problem for my projects.

I like using the JDK ServiceLoader for discovery: it is simple to use and understand and always available. And Kawaguchi's META-INF/services generator makes use as simple as an annotation.

However, ServiceLoader is missing one key feature for me. It requires a default constructor for implementations, and I am a fan of constructor injection.

ServiceBinder fills this gap. It discovers service classes as ServiceLoader does, and injects them with Guice or Spring. See the GitHub site for examples and source. A taste:


public final class SampleModule
        extends AbstractModule {
    protected void configure() {

Spring Framework

AnnotationConfigApplicationContext context = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext();

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