Monday, February 29, 2016

Maven testing module

My usual practice is to put test dependencies in my Maven parent POM when working on a multi-module project. And I usually have a "testing" module as well for shared test resources such as a logback-test.xml to quiet down test output.

The test dependencies look like clutter in my parent POM, and they are, or so I recently realized.

As all my non-test modules use the "testing" module as a test dependency, I clean this up by moving my test dependencies out of the parent POM and into the "testing" module alongside the common resources. So my layout looks like:

Parent POM
Common properties such as dependency versions, dependencies management marks the "testing" module as "test" scope.
Testing POM
Test dependencies not marked as "test" scope—consumers of this module will mark it as "test", and its transitive dependencies will automatically be "test" as well.
Non-test POMs
Use the "testing" module as a dependency—specified in the parent POM dependencies management—, no test dependencies or resources inherited from parent POM.


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