Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Us thoughtworks assholes with shitty boring jobs

Wowie, zowie! I'm not even sure I like Groovy (I'm a Perl guy myself and Python has a lot of appeal to us Linux hackers), but this time, it's personal:

Whimsy has its place, it's known as perl and other such hacky toys. Leave java to the professionals. If you thoughtworks assholes have shitty boring jobs where you're forced to code in java, don't foist your crap onto the rest of us. Go be perl, ruby, or python monkeys or something suitably hacky that is more egofondlefriendly.

Actually, I find the entire thing rather amusing. The fellow has his point: why is Groovy part of a JSR? Let Groovy be Groovy, not an appendage of Java. That it is built on top of Java is nice and all, but it should be its own thing as much as Perl, Python or Ruby are. I really like that Groovy shares a byte-code interpreter and environment with Java, but that isn't enough to make Groovy a JSR. If that were enough, why not beautiful, elegant Jython? Now that has some groove in it.

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