Thursday, March 11, 2004

Wither wisk?

Wisk is my current SoureForge project. Wisk is The Web Starter Kit, a straight-forward base project for staring Java web projects with a current toolset: Maven, Hibernate, XDoclet and their ilk. However, it also has toy examples of designing enterprise web applications based on my projects at ThoughtWorks. I work with a very bright group, and try to absorb from them as much as I can: it's like grad school for real-world programming. I've discovered that I should have read Martin Fowler's Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture earlier—what a book! (And that's not just bootlicking.) So I'm looking to gear my toy examples in Wisk towards the terminology and practises in PoEAA. Hopefully that will make Wisk more useful.

Already Wisk helps shave Iteration 0 down quite a bit since one needn't setup the build environment from scratch but can start with a working, tested build and immediately begin developing. Qapla'!

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