Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Is Continuous Delivery agile?

Keif Morris thoughtfully compares/contrasts Agile to Continuous Delivery (CD).

Of course the answer to the question posed in the post title is Yes, Continuous Delivery is agile. Very agile, in fact.

Keif raises several concerns traditional Agile has with Continuous Delivery. I admit to being from the old school, XP, and am a little nervous around CD. But I embrace its spirit.

With Agile leaving small release messes to clean up each iteration, or for Waterfall one giant mess to clean up in the release phase, is bad for the nerves too. At least CD picks up after itself in an ongoing basis.

As a daily Java programmer Maven makes a hash of this as Keif points out. But as with many things related to Maven, you gain a few pains and lose several others for net betterment. How does CD treat the snapshot ailment?

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