Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Java isn't my favorite programming language

As Ravi Mohan writes in Ruby vs Scheme vs Java ... and the winner is ...:

The java code came to about 300 lines , the ruby code had about 70 lines and the scheme code had around 20.The scheme code "cheats" a bit bacause i used a tree walker macro i have been working on for sometime.Since a macro "expands" at runtime, the scheme code when fully expanded would be about 50 odd lines ...Also I am sure the ruby code could be much shorter but i am a novice @ Ruby Programming ! Eclipse was Java's key advantage, but on a code base this small, an ide is not too important.
More than "number of lines" both the scheme and ruby code were very clear and the java code had lots of casts,enumerations, iterators etc. which put a barrier between your mind and the code. I didn't really believe it when Paul Graham said "Succinctness is Power" but I am slowly veering around to this view, even though i still don't think macros are the best ways to provide succinctness .

Now if only Ravi had considered Python as it is much further down the path of having a Java-like development environment than most other modern languages.

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