Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Microsoft continues to hinder web development

Sometimes overlooked is that Microsoft's embrace and extend strategy doesn't always require the extend portion. Instead Microsoft implements 85% of a standard and misimplements 5% more, never fixing the defects or implementing the remainder. This renders a standard unusable across platforms and implementations. Tables and CSS layout are examples of this dastardy. Reinforcing my ire at Big Black are recent entries on Java Today, Microsoft retrenches around fat clients and Web and rich interfaces: it should be easier than this. It is obvious to all that Microsoft continues to abuse its monopoly position and undermines the web and its potential to illegally maintain that monopoly. Justice may be blind, but the free market isn't. The laws of the jungle applied equally to the mammoth as to the moth and changing business climates will eventually do to Microsoft what the PC did to IBM: reform an incorrigible. Although not everyone agrees.

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