Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nexus One URL almost there

What is the typical error page for a bad link into Google, say, http://www.google.com/bobsyerunkel? But for http://www.google.com/phone I get a prosaic default 404 page, perhaps in preparation for something more interesting later today.

UPDATE: Not happy! http://www.google.com/phone works now, but T-mobile is disabled as a choice. Only the unlocked phone is offered:

We're unable to sell T-Mobile service plans at this time, but you can still buy the unlocked phone.

This was my Christmas present from my wife!

UPDATE #2: I was premature. The T-mobile option now works, very nicely, too. However, it checked my existing T-mobile phone number and said family plans were not eligible. Time to confer with the wife.

UPDATE #3: Spent 20 minutes on line with T-mobile. She was courteous and did her best, but management left them unprepared for Nexus One release beyond a cursory memo. Several checks with different supervisors, still no answer on how to split family plan, add Nexus One plan for myself. There's always tomorrow.

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