Monday, January 04, 2010

Revisiting an old post: mixing OSGi, Scala, et al with pax

I overlooked the coolness of Brian Murphy's post the first time I ran across it: OSGi With Scala, Java, Groovy, Maven and PAX. As I am playing with OSGi, guice and peaberry, I ran across his instructions and was struck by how straight-forward pax makes everything.

My contribution to the conversation, bootstrapping a peaberry project:

$ pax-add-repository -i google-maven-repository \
$ pax-add-repository -i ops4j.releases \
$ pax-import-bundle -g -a guice -v 2.0
$ pax-import-bundle -g org.ops4j -a peaberry -v 1.1.1
$ pax-create-module -a wrappers
$ cd wrappers
$ pax-wrap-jar -g aopalliance -a aopalliance -v 1.0
$ cd ..
$ pax-create-bundle -p $your_groupId -n $your_artifactId

This presumes a simple project with only one module ("$your_artifactId").

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