Friday, January 15, 2010

Update on Google Phone saga

An update from Google on my continuing Google phone quest:

XXX YYY has posted an answer to the question "Ineligible to purchase phone: T-mobile contract changed too recently": Howdy binkley, We've listened very carefully to everyone's feedback and concerns regarding the upgrade issue and are working with our partners to improve the situation for existing customers. In all instances, Google's web store only passes your information along. The carrier then determines eligibility for a full or partial upgrade, as your service contract is with the carrier. You must be fully upgrade eligible in order to get this device at a discount. Stay tuned for more updates about upgrading! In the meantime, you can use the sticky post at the top of this forum to get the latest information and share any more thoughts you may have: Cheers, -XXX

UPDATE: I've received a variant of this text in a second message from another Google employee. It's good they are trying to deal with this mess. I should not be surprised at the form letter template employees work from.

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